A foreword like this should do justice to everyone who has worked so hard on this program and has provided input, who has had to imagine, select and articulate ideas. All these people deserve to be thanked in this foreword by me with all the credit that is due to them. Therefore, herewith I thank you all for your time, effort and research, and I also thank the GroenLinks members for putting their trust in me as leading candidate.

On the other hand, I would like to keep things simple in this foreword, because I myself often find politics so complicated. So I would like to say: in front of you is a booklet with ideas that we think will benefit our city. Things that we think are important, that strike us or excite us, for better or worse. For example, in recent years we have heard many stories that make you think, “But that’s not right, is it? That’s not how we treat each other, is it?”, stories about people in Enschede who need help but have to deal with strict rules, fines and punishments. As a city we have seriously let many people down. In this program you will find our solutions.

In addition, our ideas for improving Enschede focus on the problems that you and I have heard so much about recently, on the problems in the housing market, problems in healthcare and support, with the consequences of Corona and of course the climate crisis and everything that comes with it. The amount and complexity of all these kinds of problems and crises makes it feel like it’s all so much and it feels impossible at times, yet in Enschede we can also do a lot to (help) find solutions.

Furthermore, we will tell you about our ideas to make Enschede even more pleasant, livelier, more beautiful, healthier and awesome. About our idea of a city in which in all the neighbourhoods and villages there is so much going on in the fi eld of sports, culture, music, events and everything that lets people have a good time together. An Enschede to be proud of, in all respects.

That is our little book in front of you. No doubt things will be missing, because our city is so big and so much is going on that it is impossible to mention everything. Let us know what you are missing, because politics is something we do together.

Finally, I cannot promise you that all our ideas will be realized. Because there are many other political parties with different ideas and plans, which means that at the end of the day we have to negotiate with each other and thus we all must give in a little. If you value our ideas, we hope for your vote. Because if GroenLinks Enschede gets more votes and (thus seats in the college), our influence increases.

Let us know what you think of the program, and I wish you a pleasant election period and years to come.

Bart Peeters Weem, Leading candidate GroenLinks Enschede